Frequently Asked Questions About Murphy Beds or Wall Beds

Is there any press board or particle board used in your product?

Absolutely not. Mesa Wall Bed Company uses furniture-grade ply and real hardwoods and soft woods in our Murphy Beds and wall beds. Most common and most affordable is to do a birch ply with alder for edging and trim.

Is there a warranty on your products?

Yes! Mesa Wall Bed Company will warranty all mechanisms for life.

What type of fold-out mechanisms do you use?

Only the best out there. The spring-balanced lift mechanism is the only system we use. With its heavy duty design it was built to last a lifetime. Our Murphy Beds or wall beds are built to last!

Why should customers avoid piston or gas shock mechanisms?

Some companies need job security. A piston or gas shock system is a great way to ensure a $350 service call at least ever two years. Typically, a shock or pistonsystem will only work properly for a year or two.