Our Mesa Wall Beds are Sturdy and Built to Last

We cut expenses, not quality. Our efficient manufacturing and low overhead means the highest quality furniture for you at the lowest prices. The result? Our Mesa Wall Beds are affordable. When you consider that a moderate bedroom suite can cost just as much or more than one of our beds, there is no comparison.

Why Buy from Mesa Wall Bed Company?

Modern Wall Beds

How often do you really need that spare bedroom for guests? That spare room sits empty and unused most of the year. Why not use it for an office, exercise room or craft room? With a Mesa Wall Bed, you can convert it back into an elegant bedroom with a comfortable bed in a matter of minutes.

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Mesa Wall Bed Company Makes Custom Furniture

Our Mesa Wall Beds Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Our Mesa Wall Beds (or Murphy Beds) are hand-crafted furniture created with the utmost care and dedication to quality. The spring and support mechanism comes with a life-time warranty.

Put Guests on a Comfortable Bed

We are funiture craftsmen. We also make custom desks, shelves, office furniture, cabinets and file cabinets. Have the elegance of the "Corner Office" at a price that is affordable. Have a desk, shelves and filing cabinets that match your Mesa Wall Bed

A hand-crafted wall bed from Mesa Wall Bed Company can set off a spare room with a special feature that can make your home more appealing. Some spare bedrooms are boring. There is nothing boring about a room with a Mesa Wall Bed! The fact that the room can do double duty is a great selling feature

Our Prices are Low and Our Quality is High

Why Own a Murphy Bed or Wall Bed?

You don't want to put extra guests on a sofa or blow-up bed. Impress everyone with an elegant sleeping solution that folds down in seconds and makes a comfortable bed with a real mattress.

Have an Office, Exercise Room, Craft Room